I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia where I studied Graphic design. My exploration of the arts, however, started much earlier, when I was a little girl. Back then, experimentation was  funny and everything, everywhere, was a tool for painting. My aunt still tells the story about how she found me, at 5 years-old, painting all over her curtains with a red lipstick, (she’s still recovering)
My affinity with the arts was a gift from my mom, who introduced me to the world of calligraphy, teaching me a variety of techniques. The first present she ever gave me was an introductory practice book for professional scribing of the alphabet, one that she had used for her own work. What a surprise that was! 
In New York, luscious mixtures of people and arts help me to uncover new channels of exploration of styles, modes and crafts, and to reach a different, deeper understanding of the foundations of my work.